Lingam massage

Lingam massage

Lingam massage is one of the most sensual and erotic you can experience. The word Lingam is Sanskrit for the male organ, but the aim is to massage the whole of the male erogenous zone and the external stimulation of the prostate.

Our massage starts by ensuring you are completely relaxed and comfortable. You will lie on your back, your hips slightly elevated, with  your legs apart exposing your genital area for our masseuse.

We begin by gentle massage of your body, your chest and nipples, your abdomen, legs and thighs. When you are ready we will move onto the Lingam. 

Then warm oil is applied to the groin and scrotum, using our skillful hands we will gently massage the scrotum, causing sensual vibrations to move through your body. We explore further giving pleasures previously unknown to you,  passing our hands over your whole genital area. You will experience a whole new wave of sensations coursing through you as we use different massages , every nerve in your body will be tingling.

We touch the Lingam using delicate and sensuous motions,  our hands will move up and down the shaft, using special techniques to massage the glans, taking  you to an enlightened state and then making you relax once again. The sensitive perineum and prostate are so receptive to our touch, prolonging these new sensations. We will continue the massage, taking you to the brink and back. Until  we sense you are at your peak and ready for the an exciting release. You will experience a wave of nerve tingling sensation passing through your whole body, feelings of euphoria, and complete satisfaction.