Yoni massage


In Sanskrit, Yoni is interpreted as Sacred Place.

Yoni massage is an external and internal massage of a ladies secret parts.

Our professional assuer will put you at your ease in a warm, comfortable room.

Whilst you lay naked on your back with the hips slghtly elevated, letting the knees drop to expose the Sacred Place, our masseur will sit cross legged in front of you. At all times you'll be able to watch, keeping you in control and safe.

Eye contact and deep breathing will help relax you.

He begins by massaging your body, moving his experienced over your breasts, your abdomen, moving slowly down your legs.  He will massage your inner thighs, varying touch form circular movements to long up and down strokes. The intensity will be varied during this time of relaxtion. A time during which you will feel more and more receptive to his touch.

Only when you feel ready will the Yoni massage begin.  He will drip warm oils onto the lips of the Yoni, letting a little drip down between them. 

He will massge the oil into your skin, using small circular movements and his knowing fingertips. His touch on your skin will be sensual and exciting. Slowly he will begin to massage the lips of the Yoni, and his fingers will perfom a sensuous clitoral massage.  Gentle squeezing and pulling of the Yoni will send some ladies into a trance like state.

When you are sufficienty aroused, our masseur will place his left hand on your heart area whilst he performs an extra special massage with the middle finger of his right hand.  The sensations and feeling you experience are often overwhelming and it is not unusual to cry or groan.

Our masseur will communicate with you at all times, asking if you are comfortable for him to continue, especially with internal vaginal massage.

Yoni massage is very intimate and you need to feel secure and safe in his hands, this will help with the release of all the tensions in the body. The goal is to feel revitalised, destressed and free of toxins in the body.

A Yoni massage can be performed by either a man or a woman, the preference is yours.