Tantric Massage

Tantric massage is a journey. A sensual, erotic experience that is not just about the sex but embraces sexual energy in the body. With the touch of delicate hands on the body enabling the release of this energy, leaving a feeling of well being and satisfaction.

What are the benefits of this and why you should experience it? Tantra is using the heart as a doorway to spiritual awakening. Elevating you to a new world of sensations, an inner sanctity of pleasure and release. It takes you beyond only a sexual release, it is an education of body and mind.

We start our session with Tantric music in the background, we turn our lights down very low. You will see our masseuse but she shall be a seductive shadow. You will lie face down and she'll pour warm heated oils onto your back.

Using slow movements she will massage your neck, shoulders and back, after a short while  will move further down your body to your bottom and legs, massaging gently the calves and thighs.

You may feel seductive movements against your genitals but this is not where she will concentrate the massage for the moment. Now is just to concentrate on relaxing fully, and emptying our mind ready to move further during our Tantric journey.

Our beautiful masseuses don’t only use their hands in Tantric massage, the whole body is involved,  which makes this a very erotic experience.

When she senses you are ready you will turn and lay on your back. Using more warmed oils she begins to massage your chest and arms, moving slowly downwards to massage the legs and feet.

She will feel when it is time for the final stage, that is the Lingam Massage. The penis and genital area will be massaged slowly and seductively, prolonging your pleasure. Taking you to the brink of ecstacy, then returning you to your relaxed state. Our masseuse will follow your bodies signals to know when you are ready for the final sensation filled release.

You will feel totally relaxed and free after this experience, both in your body and your state of mind, complete and fulfilled. You will lay in the warm, dimmed atmosphere while you relive the experience in your mind, leaving you refreshed and calm.